6 Best Video Editing Software 2021-22

Friends welcome to topstorypost.com blog. Hope you all will be fine. Friends, today we are going to tell you 6 Best Video Editing Software that is going to be the best for you in your editing world. Friends, if you also have a passion for editing videos, you have the skills, then we have brought the best video editing software for that.

Friends, if you have the talent of video editing, then the software that we have brought today will increase your talent further. If you also keep searching for the best video editing software, then from today you will not need to search.

There are many video editing software available in the market but the best software is very little. I am going to tell you today, you get many advanced features, due to which you will be on a different level in the world of video editing.

First of all, you must have skills for video editing. Then you will be successful. If you have the skills of video editing then you can earn lakhs of rupees from this. There are many freelancing platforms where you can earn lakhs of rupees through your skills.

Top 6 Best Software For Video Editing

1. Adobe Premiere Pro

Friends, this is a very famous video editing software in the market. Adobe Premiere Pro is everyone’s favorite.

Friends, you are going to get professional features in this and the premiere is going to happen just like the name. In this you are going to see very good effects.

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Friends this is paid software. This payment is done on monthly basis.

This is a simple software that you can easily use.

2. Final Cut Pro X

Friends, this is an Apple software that only works on Mac. Many Mac users do this to him.

It has many extra features. Which you can use to become a professional video editor.

In this you can edit films and series very well and make a professional In this you can make animation 2d 3d easily.

Its interface is user-friendly and has useability. And it comes at an affordable price and we do not have to pay monthly. Its only disadvantage is that it is only for Mac users.

3. Avid Media Composer

Friends, this software is also the best software in the world of video editing. It is the first digital editing software. In which you get to see great stability.

In this, you get very good features. Friends, many people with cinema use it. Its interface is cuz difficult to use.

4. Sony Vegas Pro

Friends, this software is very different from others, in this you get standard tools and it is also easy to do it. Its interface is also simple.

It is available for windows. It is easy to run it, just there is no post-production in it.

5. Power Director

Friends, nowadays we can do a lot of work on mobile, the work which used to be done on computers can now be done on mobile. By the way, editing video on mobile has also become easy, there is a power director app which provides you a lot of features that too in mobile.

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In this, you can do everything that you can do in the video editing software in the window. It is also easy to use. In this you can take all the effects, transitions, sound mixing panels to slow and fast, that too from your mobile.

Its cost is also very less. And only it comes in Androids mobiles only.

6. DaVinci Resolves

Friends, this software makes it very professional and it has won the best software NAB award 2017. So you can guess what the software will be like.

This is free software that gives you a lot of great features for free. In this, you can also do a very good colorist.

For this, you should have a good computer if you want its performance good.


Friends, today we have told you 6 best video editing software that will take your video editing world to a different level. If you have any questions then definitely tell us in the comment box.

Thank you!


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