A woman in Pakistan gave birth to not one or two, but 7 children at once

Cases of twins are common, with a maximum of 3 to 4 children being reported, but no one will ever believe that a woman can give birth to 7 children at once. A report has surfaced from Pakistan in which a woman has given birth to 7 children, not one or two at a time. Those children include four sons and three daughters. The shocking thing is that seven children are quite healthy. Doctors are also shocked by this incident. The woman also had two daughters before 7 children, counting them now they have a total of 9 children.

The incident took place in the city of Abbottabad in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. The woman was being treated at Jinnah International Hospital there. “We knew in advance that there was more than one child in the womb, but there was no estimate of seven children,” Yar Mohammad, the children’s father, told doctors after the children were born.

A woman has given birth to seven babies at a private hospital in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s Abbottabad.

The ultrasound report revealed that she had five children

According to Yar Mohammed’s statement, the woman’s immediate operation was started at the hospital by a team of doctors. The ultrasound report revealed having five children. It was then decided that the woman should be operated on. The woman underwent surgery and gave birth to seven children one by one. The condition of women and children is said to be stable at present.

Raising children in a joint family is easy

According to media reports, Yar Mohammed says that he does not face any difficulties in feeding the children as he lives in a joint family and every member of the family will help me in raising the children.

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What did the doctor say?

According to the doctor, the 8-month-pregnant woman first came to him on Saturday. The woman’s blood pressure was too high, her stomach was too swollen. The operation option was dangerous, as the woman’s two children had already undergone the operation. This put them at risk of rupturing their old stitches and uterus.

But later a team of doctors made a successful delivery in a long operation that lasted more than an hour. The doctor said that in very few cases it is seen that every child born together is healthy, but our team did it. The baby’s mother has recently been shifted to the ICU.

Dr. Hina Fayaz, who gave birth to more than one child due to the drugs, said the woman used contraceptive drugs. With the use of drugs, more than one egg matures in a woman’s body, leaving two or more fetuses at the same time.

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