Amazing Technology Touch Anywhere丨Listen Birds Voice

Amazing Technology Touch Anywhere丨Listen Birds Voice
Bird vocalization includes both birds. In non-technical use, bird songs are the bird sounds that are melodious to the human ear. In ornithology and birding, (relatively complex) songs are distinguished by function from (relatively simple) calls.

Listen Bird Voice

Amazing Technology Touch Anywhere丨Listen Birds Voice
Bird Sounds is an entertainment application for all users which helps to entertain and get a calm and quiet feeling. This bird sounds app includes more than 100 sounds of various birds. With these bird sounds for the users can easily entertain themself with easy navigation. This bird sounds app offers HD birds pictures and by a simple touch on birds images, it produces each sound of birds respectively.

The bird names are provided along with the bird pictures.
Biomusic is a form of experimental music that deals with sounds created or performed by non-humans. The definition is also sometimes extended to include sounds made by humans in a directly biological way. For instance, music that is created by the brain waves of the composer can also be called biomusic as can music created by the human body without the use of tools or instruments that are not part of the body

  • (singing or vocalizing is usually excluded from this definition).
  • Cardiac health (rain forest sounds, birds singing)
  • Depression therapy(birds sounds, yoga music, white noise app)
  • Bedtime songs and bedtime sounds (Australian bird sounds)
  • General well-being (waves on a beach, jungle sounds)
  • Headache therapy (birds singing, ocean waves sounds)

Biomusic can be divided into two basic categories: music that is created solely by the synthetic animal (or in some cases plant), and music that is based upon synthetic animal noises but which is arranged by a human composer.

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Some forms of music use recorded sounds of nature as part of the music, for example, New Age music uses the nature sounds as backgrounds for various musical soundscapes, and ambient music sometimes uses nature sounds modified with reverbs and delay units to make spacey versions of the nature sounds as part of the ambiance.

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