Covid-19 Vaccine Mix and Match Dosage Dangerous?

  • Who warns that it is dangerous for people to start taking mixed and match doses on their own
  • The results of mixing two doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine were also good

Covid-19 Vaccine Mix and Match Dosage Dangerous?

Countries around the world that are battling various waves of coronavirus infection are emphasizing vaccination. In some countries, trials of different vaccines are being conducted between the first dose and the second dose of Corona. “This is a relatively dangerous trend,” Saumya Swaminathan, a leading scientist at the World Organization, told an online briefing.

In this regard, we are working in a zone free of data or without any supporting evidence. If people decide to take their own dose, chaos will spread in many countries. A study in Britain also found that the Covid-12 vaccine’s mixed and match approach strengthens the immune system. The possibility of a major vaccine and booster dose being investigated led by Oxford was investigated. The study found that both antibodies were more developed.

According to Jonathan Van Tam, deputy chief medical officer in Britain, a single dose of one company is enough for adults in Britain. The Aath trial will not affect vaccinations in the country, but antibodies have been found to be higher in people who have received the Pfizer vaccine. In some countries two vaccines are now being mixed. Spain and Germany are offering Pfizer and Mard vaccines to young people for the second dose while AstraZeneca was taken for the first dose. However, as the number of blood clot cases increased after the AstraZeneca vaccine was administered, an alternative vaccine as a second dose was relied upon.

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