Top 5 of countries that pay foreigners to live in their territory. / $ 28,000 Dollars! 😮

Many people today include in their life plans to be able to live, do business or study abroad , but, in many cases, they are postponing this purpose because they are not aware of the opportunities that are offered in different countries for foreigners.

In recent months, new information has been released on countries that are open to offering economic incentives to foreigners to reside in their territories. This money can be invested in housing, entrepreneurship, job creation, among others.

In Canal Institucional, we bring you the top 5 countries that have their doors open and are willing to pay foreigners to go live in certain cities.


This is one of the countries that has been characterized the most to open opportunities to recent graduates of different careers and young couples.  Due to the density of its population, with many elderly adults and few children, the Government seeks to encourage the arrival of families.

This time there are two Canadian provinces and one city looking for foreigners who wish to live in their territories. Camden, Saskatchewan, and Pipestone have different calls that might interest you.

Those interested in living in the city of Camden have the possibility of applying to a call from the local government that gives away 2.8 hectares of land for those who want to emigrate.  In this case, the requirement for applicants is that the use they make of the land delivered helps to create at least 24 jobs.

The province of  Saskatchewan offers study subsidies of up to $ 20,000  (more than $ 72 million Colombian pesos) for those who join the ‘Graduate Retention Program Application’

With this call,  the beneficiaries will be able to enroll and graduate at any of the universities in the region, and, depending on the duration of the program to which they apply, the government will give them the corresponding money to cover their living and additional expenses resulting from the study. After completing their studies,  the only requirement that graduates will have to meet is to live and work in Saskatchewan for at least 7 years.

In the case of Pipestone, the local government offers financial subsidies of up to 25 thousand dollars (around 90 million Colombian pesos)  for foreigners who wish to create a commercial business or choose to invest in the remodeling of vacant houses that are being auctioned by only 8 dollars (less than $ 30,000 Colombian).


As in the case of Canada, the  United States has certain cities that are especially interested in receiving foreigners, providing financial subsidies and incentives. The locations are Baltimore, New Haven, Tulsa, Vermont, and Harmony.

First,  Baltimore offers up to $ 10,000  (more than $ 36 million Colombian) for foreigners who emigrate to that place,  buy a vacant house and take care of its remodeling.

In the city of  New Haven, financial subsidies of up to 80 thousand dollars  (about $ 300 million Colombian pesos) are available for families who wish to move to this city. The only requirement within this program is that at least half of the money is invested in the purchase and remodeling of a house.

People interested in moving to  Tulsa must meet two simple requirements: be over 18 years old and live in this city for at least one year.  When they meet these conditions, they may request the local government a subsidy of up to 10,000 dollars (more than 36 million Colombian pesos) for living expenses.

In the Vermont region, foreigners who decide to move may receive financial support of up to $ 10,000,  with the only requirement being that they be employed by a company outside of this state.

Finally, the city of  Harmony supports up to 12 thousand dollars  (approximately $ 43 million Colombian)  for foreigners who want to build a home in the place.


In the municipality of Ponga, located in the Asturias region,  deliveries of up to 2,800 euros  (more than 12 million Colombian pesos) are being made to foreign couples who wish to move to this place.

Additionally, the local government offers a subsidy of 2,400 euros  (more than 10 million Colombian pesos)  for each child that the partner or family who moves to Ponga has, as support for their maintenance.


In the case of this country, there is a call for families.  The government of the Albine region offers 70,000 euros (more than $ 310 million Colombian) to families of 4 members who meet three requirements:

  • Live in this place for 10 years
  • That all its members are under 45 years of age
  • The moving family must buy or build a house and show that it will not be a vacation home


This European country is offering financial support to foreigners who are going to live in the Locana and Molise regions.

The Molise government grants up to $ 28,000  (just over $ 102 million Colombian) for foreigners who decide to go live in this place,  with the only requirement of staying at least 3 years in this region,  in order to contribute to the ‘ repopulation ‘of the region.

For its part, Locana offers economic subsidies for $ 10,000  (about $ 40 million Colombian) to families who move to this area of ​​Italy,  with the requirement of having a child when they move to the region.

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